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Planck Marine Insurance

We are dedicated to innovative and individual  shipping and insurance solutions as well as assisting in claims handling

Main areas of service


Claims handling, adjustment of Hull and machinery Claims and as well as loss of hire.

Collection of outstanding balances from insurance leaders, brokers  and follows.

Claims handling of P&I/FDD cases 

Negotiation and renewal of Marine insurance

Providing a detailed set up of  marine insurance covers.

Legal advice on maritime Law in general and including bills of lading interpretation and  drafting of C/P clauses

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About us



Planck Marine insurance was founded in June 2019 by Søren Planck. The company is built through extensive  and comprehensive knowledge and experience of international shipping, maritime law and marine insurance. 

Søren Planck has been in maritime business for more than 35 years and his derives from work with shipowners in  segments of  general cargo, bulk and  project cargo as well as  chemical and as well oil  tankers.

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Key Competences


Negotiation and renewal of  marine insurance covers.

Claims handling and adjustment of P&I and Hull and machinery claims.

Collection of  outstanding amounts from third parties.

Legal advice on maritime law in general, including bills of lading interpretation and drafting of C/P clauses.

Independent conflict solving.

Transportation solutions and contract negotiations.

Freight, Detention and demurrage collection

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Why utillise our services

We understand the importance of effective claims management and our passion is getting things done in a quick and `amicable` way to ensure that owners are receiving reimbursement in a timely manner in order er to avoid long outstanding (claims through ensure and better cash flow).

This means, you can  focus and spend more of your valuable  time on your daily work, instead of spending time on complicated claims handling.

Our "know-how" within the Marine insurance will assist you and provide you with a better overview in related to renewal of  insurance covers, in a better overall coverage and a reduction in premiums.

 We have a wide network within the Maritime world and can  quickly get assistance from a 3rd party representative, when a case requires an independent opinion.    

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In case of any emergency - we are  am available 24/7  

Planck Marine Insurance

Mølleengen 1, 3550 Slangerup, Denmark

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